ActivePython and ASP

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Tue May 15 01:44:57 CEST 2001

"William Shields" <william.shields at> wrote in message
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> I'm trying to use Python for my web page scripting. I installed
> ActivePython on two NT4 systems. One system works fine but the other
> system gets an error on the exact same web pages. I've set the script
> language with the following line in my pages and it work fine on one
> machine but not on the other. Both machines run Python fine from the
> command line and within PythonWin.

do both run active server pages fine?  try it with VB script.  I have found
that IIS is pretty hit or miss on NT4, and that when it doesn't work out of
the box it may never.

> <%@ LANGUAGE = Python%>
> It doesn't seem to matter what else the web page is trying to do.
> The browser displays a blank page and pops up with the following notice:

"you will be happier with apache/mod_python"


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