Tkinter question: menu.add_checkbutton

Ulrich Gortz ugoertz at
Tue May 22 16:54:57 CEST 2001


I am experiencing a strange behavior of the checkbutton entry in a menu
in a Windows2000 box, with Python 2.0 and Tkinter. I hope that someone
here has an idea, what might go wrong.

I use the Menu.add_checkbutton method to add a checkbutton to a menu.
The checkbutton basically works, but it is not displayed correctly. 

The entry consists of three parts: the indicator (a tick under Windows)
which shows the state of the button - the label - and possibly the
"accelerator" which shows a shortcut for this button ("Ctrl-A").

In my case, the indicator and the label somehow overlap: either the tick
is not displayed correctly, or (after pointing (not clicking) the mouse
to the button) the tick covers part of the first letter of the label.
This problem occurs even in the simplest test programs.

Apart from that, the button is fully functional, so this is a minor issue,
but it is still quite annoying. Most so because I have no idea where to
look for a solution: is this a Tkinter or a Tk or a Windows issue?
(Under Linux and on one Windows95 machine everything worked fine.)

Is there a possibility to change the width of the three columns in
the checkbutton entry?

Any comments appreciated.


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