Tkinter question: menu.add_checkbutton

Ulrich Goertz lentugo at
Wed May 23 20:29:05 EDT 2001


because I am not sure if my description of the problem (see below) was
understandable, I set up a web page with some screenshots.

It's at
(that's a zero in g0ertz).

Any ideas?


> I use the Menu.add_checkbutton method to add a checkbutton to a menu.
> The checkbutton basically works, but it is not displayed correctly.
> The entry consists of three parts: the indicator (a tick under Windows)
> which shows the state of the button - the label - and possibly the
> "accelerator" which shows a shortcut for this button ("Ctrl-A").
> In my case, the indicator and the label somehow overlap: either the tick
> is not displayed correctly, or (after pointing (not clicking) the mouse
> to the button) the tick covers part of the first letter of the label.
> This problem occurs even in the simplest test programs.

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