Python 2.0 quick reference...

Tim Peters at
Wed May 23 15:07:54 EDT 2001

[Simon Brunning]
> ...
> I'm not familiar with Lynx. Which is consultant-speak for 'I've never
> heard of it'. Could someone point me at it? (I did a quick google, but
> most of the links point at some obscure browser.)

> Bingo.  Lynx is an obscure text-only browser, hence Andrew's
> suggestion to use Lynx for obtaining a plain-text version of your
> quick reference guide.

[Thomas Wouters]
> Note that there is also 'links', which is basically a non-obscure
> text-only browser. It has menus and all those things you windows
> weenies seem to include in the 6 food groups... :)

Despite that Lynx fans appear to love feeling hated, "obscure" was meant here
in the "not readily noticed; inconspicuous" sense, which is obviously the way
Simon intended it ("Lynx? never heard of it", not "Lynx?! it doesn't have a
GUI -- how obscure can you get?!").  I've got nothing against Lynx, and, I'd
wager, neither does Simon.  To truly oppose something, you first need to be
aware of its existence <wink>.

and-"links"-is-even-more-obscure-ly y'rs  - tim

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