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Sun May 20 10:30:51 EDT 2001

aahz at (Aahz Maruch) wrote:

> >--- RANT ALERT ---
> >Now this is a point that has always confused me. Why on earth would
> >anyone be hostile against something as benign as a piece of software?
> >If you don't like it, don't use it. If something bad happens to your
> >system when you use it then a) don't use it again, b) look at the
> >developers, not the software for the cause. If I don't like a program,
> >I give it no space on my system nor bandwidth in my thoughts. There
> >are lots of things in this world to get religious about, but software
> >just isn't one of them. And this includes the never ending OS wars!
> >--- RANT OFF ---
> The problem is that your rant leaves out interoperability issues.  For
> example, consider how a user of MS Word feels on receiving a document in
> LaTeX format.  That's the way a lot of webmasters feel about Lynx.

At least a LaTeX file is readable if not exactly beautiful. A MS Word
file without tools is just so much rubbish <wink>.

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