Python 2.0 quick reference...

Neil Hodgson nhodgson at
Sun May 20 19:59:37 EDT 2001

Dave Kuhlman:

> It's more than interoperability.  Certain software screens out or
> discourages particular kinds of content.  Netscape and MS IE
> discourage content without images (it's Boring).

   Netscape and MS IE are better viewers of text because they use
proportional fonts making the text easier to read and hence less boring than

   One item in this thread that I find strange is the idea that everyone who
uses computers often will know about Lynx. We all live inside finite
interest spans. There are many things I should know about, such as how to
make patch files, how to program Qt, or build animations in Flash but I
don't because there is only so much time in our lives. To a web site
designer, prioritisation of browser knowledge would be less likely to
include Lynx which is normally used on systems where other web browsers are
available and more likely to include Web TV or Palm devices where the users
will not have much choice. The material that web site designers read is also
less likely to include Lynx for the same reason so they often remain
completely ignorant of it.


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