Teaching python (programming) to children

Brian Elmegaard brian at rk-speed-rugby.dk
Mon Nov 5 10:55:17 CET 2001


in the special Python issue of Linux Journal last year Guido explained
one of the perspectives of the future was children sitting in class 
writing python code for a lot of different applications. 

I think that Python may be very well suited for this because it is
easy to get going with the language compared to other languages

However, in order to program you need to be able to write. And out of
the English-speaking world, learning English will be one obstacle
delaying the learning of programming.

So, any comments are appreciated, especially on: Are there good reasons
for advocating python being a language one could teach children
programming with and are there perspectives in translating python to many
different languages in order to facilitate this, or will children not be
ready for learning programming before they have learnt English after all?
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