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On 05 Nov 2001 10:55:17 +0100, Brian Elmegaard
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>However, in order to program you need to be able to write. And out of
>the English-speaking world, learning English will be one obstacle
>delaying the learning of programming.
>So, any comments are appreciated, especially on: Are there good reasons
>for advocating python being a language one could teach children
>programming with and are there perspectives in translating python to many
>different languages in order to facilitate this, or will children not be
>ready for learning programming before they have learnt English after all?

IMHO, python would be one of (if not _the_) best language to teach
beginning programming - not just children, but as you mention, there
is the difficulty with the "englishness" of the language (or almost
any other programming language).

However, from my viewpoint, and the way I perceive the the world
going, children that will have access to PC's are reasonably likely to
have already learnt some english, if not quite enough to start out.
But the question I have to ask, is what age are we talking about here?

IMHO, even if many young children have learnt enough english to
program in any language, may not be intellectually mature enough to be
able to think in the abstract manner that will be required for all but
the most basic algorithms and design patterns.  I that case I would
greatly prefer a child to learn when it is ready rather than see it
taught in lower (pre-high or pre-secondary) schools.

just my R0.02


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