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Thu Nov 29 23:19:44 CET 2001

>>>>> "Tim" == Tim Hammerquist <tim at> writes:

>>>>> "Jonathan" == Jonathan Gardner <jgardn at> wrote:

    Tim> You wanna start a flame war?  Say you're a Vimmer _and_ a
    Tim> Perler! I learned my lesson!

So why do you say it again?  ;-)

BTW, do you know how "vimmer" sounds to a German? :-)

    Jonathan> * In case you're wondering what editor I use, let me
    Jonathan> just say that it works really well with the email client
    Jonathan> that sucks less than all the others.

    Tim> Yes, I use the mutt+vim combo, myself.  You couldn't _pay_ me
    Tim> to change.

And in my case... Emacs, since I happened to run across uEmacs in my
Amiga days (first editor that felt *good*).  (As if anyone wanted to
know that ;-)

Bye, J

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