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Chris Barker chrishbarker at
Thu Nov 15 19:08:44 CET 2001

Cary Coulter wrote:

> I have looked at the demos for wxPython.  Have to say I like what I
> see, but I haven't tried to develop anything yet.

wxPython is very nice. Also, be sure to check out wxDesigner, it costs
about a $100, but it can make building GUIs a whole lot easier,
particularly if you wnat to use all sizers, which is a good idea if you
are writing cross platform code.

> Platforms would be Linux (primary), Windows, and AIX (didn't see any
> prebuilt code for wxPython).

I'd post a message on wxPython users, and see if anyone is using it on
AIX. There's no reason it souldn't work, but you may be in for a bit of
work if you are the first to try to compile it all there.

Good luck,


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