bug in emacs python mode with long documents?

Fernando Pérez fperez528 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 20 19:09:52 CET 2001

Has anyone else noticed the following problem? I have a long class (about 
1000 lines). When working on code towards the bottom, opening new lines, 
indenting or deindenting takes forever. Xemacs will go crazy backtracking up 
the code, and my cpu usage will go to 100% for up to 10 seconds, freezing 
emacs completely (800 Mhz PIII).

I know it's a long class and in fact I need to reorganize it, but that's 
besides the point. I can't see an editor which is incapable of handling 
classes longer than 1000 lines! And certainly not 'the beast' Xemacs :)

For reference, I'm using:  [version 21.4; April 2001] on a Mandrake box.

If  anyone knows of a bugfix to the python mode, I'd greatly appreciate 
hearing about it.



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