Python, licenses and CVS

Peter Hansen peter at
Thu Nov 29 04:31:05 CET 2001

Jeff Shannon wrote:
> With all this discussion of CVS, I have a question that I've not been able to
> find a satisfactory answer to, myself.
> My current place of employment does not use any significant form of version
> control.  Due to the nature of most of our codebase, using CVS for it would
> be unrealistic anyhow.  Despite all of this, I would like to begin using CVS
> for those projects that I can, even if I'm the only one using it.  The
> problem with this, is that I don't have access to a Unix/Linux server to
> install CVS on (our one Unix server is host to our virtual-OS (non-SQL)
> database, and I don't think I could convince anyone to install anything
> unnecessary there <wink>).  What I'd really like, is a version (or clone) of
> CVS that will allow me to use a local repository under Windows.  Does any
> such thing exist?  (I'm very frustrated, trying to teach myself good software
> engineering practices in a workplace that doesn't support that at all... )

There is a version of CVS for Windows, and there is WinCVS (GUI), 
either of which works nicely with a local repository under Windows.
In fact, up until about nine months ago, we were using one of the
shared network drives on the Windows network to store the repository,
keeping our fingers crossed (and doing backups frequently) to prevent
someone from just overwriting the files.

It worked well.  When the time came finally to set up the pserver
on our Intranet box (Redhat 7.0) I just copied the directory tree
over with scp and we've continued from there ever since.

Check on google for the CVS site...

By the way, what is it about the nature of your codebase which
makes using CVS unrealistic?  If it's source, you should be
able to use CVS to control it.

Peter Hansen, P.Eng.
peter at

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