Python, licenses and CVS

Chris Barker chrishbarker at
Thu Nov 29 20:23:46 CET 2001

Jeff Shannon wrote:
> I would like to begin using CVS
> for those projects that I can, even if I'm the only one using it.  The
> problem with this, is that I don't have access to a Unix/Linux server to
> install CVS on 

It would be pretty easy to use any old Intel box, put Linux on it, and
run it as your CVS server. If that's all it was doing, you could run it
on a  old 386! Then you might be able to convince your collegues of the
glory of Linux, along with the glory of CVS and version control!

Personally, I work in a mostly Mac, some Windows shop. I am the only one
running Linux, but I manage a project with CVS, and just run it on my
desktop box. It works just great.


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