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Tue Nov 13 23:58:00 CET 2001

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>> In article <mailman.1005432503.17934.python-list at>, Jürgen A.
>> Erhard <jae at> writes
>> It doesn't matter what you wrote.
>> What matters is:
>> Content-Type: multipart/signed;
>>   boundary="pgp-sign-Multipart_Sat_Nov_10_23:43:08_2001-1";
>>   protocol="application/pgp-signature"
>>                                             ^  ^
>>                                             ^  ^
>> Colons are no longer broken :)  -----------^--^

>Sadly, my wonderful Microsoft mail reader

Steve, stop right there!  Reflect on the error of your ways ;-)

>still insists on showing the
>message as empty, with a 448-byte text attachment and a 286-byte .dat

Well, that's obviously the optimum way to display a PGP signed message.
Well done Microsoft.

>Of course, it must a be problem with the posting, because
>there's no chance Microsoft could wrong-headedly ignore well-established
>Internet standards this way ;-)

Perhaps you should have a word with Jürgen. Ask him to change his User
Agent. It is must be broken beyond repair :)

It must be pure co-incidence that my UA can now display Jürgen's signed
messages perfectly.  Nothing to do with:

   X-Mailman-Version: 2.0.7 (101270)

> But I'm glad the mail gateway is fixed.

Yes, thanks Barry W.

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