list.sort() fails under Solaris 5.8 for Python 2.1

Tim Peters tim at
Thu Nov 29 20:10:48 CET 2001

[Andres Corrada-Emmanuel]
> I'm having problems with list.sort() on a Solaris 5.8 machine.
> My program reads a file that consisting of three columns that it then
> sorts using list.sort().
> If the input file is small enough (~400 lines), the right output is
> obtained. If the file is large (~40K lines), the sort silently fails and
> the list is returned unsorted as originally found in the file.
> Has anyone else seen this?

No bugs have been reported against list.sort() since Python stopped using
the platform C's qsort.  Make the input file and a small test program
available, so others can try it?

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