Alain Désilets alain.desilets at
Thu Nov 22 21:29:28 CET 2001

Can an administrator of the list please address this!

I have sent 3 messages to both python-list-admin at and
python-list at and I am still drowning in messages.

NO, I can't unsubsrcribe through the web or mail interface because I don't
know my stupid password. It doesn't seem to be any of the ones I typically

YES, I know that the passwords is mentioned in the monthly reminder and in
the original confirmation message. But I haven't been on the list long
enough to receive a monthly reminder, and I don't have the original

YES, I agree that one should always keep the original confirmation message
and I usually do. This time though, I can't find it. I deleted so many
messages from this list that I probably deleted that one by accident too.


Alain Désilets

python-list-admin at

Alain Désilets wrote:

> Apologies everyone. I know I'm not supposed to send this on the list,
> but I sent it to the mail admin yesterday and am still drowning in the
> volume. And I'm going away for 3 days ;-)!
> Any admins listening on the list?
> Thx
> Alain Désilets wrote:
> > I tried to unsubscribe, but I can't remember the password I gave. I
> > tried all my known passwords and none of them worked. Can you
> > unsubscribe me manually?
> >
> > Thanks
> >
> > Alain Désilets

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