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Tim Hammerquist tim at
Fri Nov 30 03:09:15 CET 2001

Jürgen A. Erhard <jae at> graced us by uttering:
> "Tim"      == Tim Hammerquist
> "Jonathan" == Jonathan Gardner
>     Tim> You wanna start a flame war? Say you're a Vimmer _and_ a
>     Tim> Perler! I learned my lesson!
> So why do you say it again?  ;-)

Why?  Does it threaten you?  ;)

Python has nothing to worry about from Perl, so neither do any of

> BTW, do you know how "vimmer" sounds to a German? :-)

A lot closer to <feemair> (English pronunc.) IIRC.  Reminds me of
my thigh bone, but nothing comes to mind.  German isn't among the
languages I study.

>     Tim> Yes, I use the mutt+vim combo, myself.  You couldn't _pay_
>     Tim> me to change.
> And in my case... Emacs, since I happened to run across uEmacs
> in my Amiga days (first editor that felt *good*).  (As if anyone
> wanted to know that ;-)

Right on!  FS has saved the day again, granting to each his own
favorite editor!

Tim Hammerquist
Any sufficiently advanced technology is compatible with magic.
    -- The Doctor, Seeing I

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