Scanning a Subnet with python?

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> Hi,
> I want to scan a subnet with python, but I don't know how?
> What I want to do:
> I want to write a chat program in pure python(with a Tkinter gui). It
> should include both client and server, so that the first user opens a
> server and all other connect to this server. Further, the program
> should be OS independent.
> My problem:
> I want to give the user possiblity to scan the subnet wheter there is a
> server
> or not, but how can I perform such a test?

you chat programm opens a server on a UDP port. when a new client joins the 
net it sends a broadcast to this port. all servers will respond to this 
broadcast and send back a "hello" to the client. the client will get 
messages from all servers in the same subnet in a few seconds or less.

i have some exaple code but on an other machine. drop me a line if your 

you don't need a dedicated server. each chat programm can be server and 
client at the same time:
server side:
 - display incomming messages
 - send "hello" on search broadcasts
client side:
 - send messages to one machine or
 - send messages as broadcast to all machines

you should think up a simple protocol for you packets.
differentiate between control messages and text messages.


> If I get the subnet mask, I will test every IP wheter the computer is
> up and wheter there is a runnig server on it, but how can I get the
> subnet mask using python?

all not needed when you use UDP broadcasts...

> Or, does anyone know a better way to scan a subnet with python?
> Thanx,
> Axel
> Python comes with batteries included,
> but does it have an otto-motor too?

Chris <cliechti at>

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