Python servlet with DB

brian zimmer bzimmer at
Sun Nov 18 16:43:37 CET 2001

Christof Hurst <christof at> wrote in message news:<3BF7A0EB.C73F67C7 at>...
> i must call a python-servlet out of a java applet.
> It's part of a diploma, where python is compared with java.
> now i don't know, how to make a connection to ma python, and how to make
> the python servlet talk to the DB.
> All DB-modules, i'va tried, didn't work.
> I want to send an image from the java applet to the python servlet to
> write this in a BLOB in my oracle Database.
> Who can help me?

Look at zxJDBC ( for examples on using a
Python DB API module from within Jython/Java.


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