Teaching python (programming) to children

David Andreas Alderud aaldv97 at student.remove-this-part.vxu.se
Wed Nov 7 18:07:36 CET 2001

Java, C and C++ got there after a while, but they where not to begin with.
Ada was well documented and with lots of RFC before the actually
implementation of Ada83. Considering that it took 7 years of design before
the next version of Ada to be finnished, it started in '88.
I might be wrong, but I'm not aware of a language that was publicly designed
for years before its first implementation, if you know something I don't,
please enlighten me.
Yes, most languages are designed, but not from start to finnish, more like
version 1.0 and forward, that is not _what I call design_, maybe because I'm
schooled in software architectures, I don't know.

Maybe we have different opinions of design, I think of design as in
architectural design.

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