CryptKit 0.9 released

Bryan bryan at
Fri Nov 30 18:42:27 CET 2001

Your interest is appreciated Phil.

> If i included this kit in my programs, how ease would it be for a user to
> install it? 

Well, that would depend on your client's platform. Seeing as the kit is based 
on C modules, those modules need to be compiled for each platform ( posix, 
win32, alpha, etc ). The good news is that the kit uses distutils, which 
would permit a potential packager to build the modules from source with a 
one-line command. (*hint* *hint*). You can expect the win32 binary installers 
to appear within a few days.

If the packages for your platform exist, installation is a one-line command:

# python build_ext install

> Would it be more difficult than as pure Python solution?

Yes C extension modules are more difficult to distribute and install, but a 
pure python implementation would not provide sufficient speed for real-world 
applications at today's average machine speeds. Maybe when we all have 1 THZ 
boxes :)

> What are ECC and NR?

Elliptic Curve Cryptography permits public/private key encryption and 
signing. Smaller keys == faster operations.  For instance, the security of a 
1024 bit RSA is approximately equivalent to that of a 160 bit ECC.

Nyberg-Rueppel is a signature scheme that is well suited to use with elliptic 

> Can this be used for digigal sugnatures as well as encryption?

Sure, couldn't be easier:

>>> from ecc.ecc import ecc
>>> e,f=ecc(1),ecc(2)
>>> e_pub_key, f_pub_key = e.publicKey(), f.publicKey()

>>> # Signing / Verification
>>> msg = 'Hello World!'
>>> sig = e.sign(msg)
>>> f.verify(msg,e_pub_key,sig)

>>> # Tamper with the message
>>> msg += 'a'
>>> f.verify(msg,e_pub_key,sig)

> Sounds reasonable. But what about including others, for backward
> compatibility e.g. with OpenPGP?

The kit doesn't aim for compatibility with other protocols and standards. If 
you are looking for that type of library, consider M2Crypto and the like.  
Instead, Cryptkit's intended users are developpers who need small, fast 
secure sockets for their applications. Implementing extraneous algorithms 
would greatly increase the library size while really only being of use to a 
select few programmers.  You're welcome to code support for other standards 
and send me patches, but I will bundle them seperately from the main release.

Take care and happy coding,
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