CryptKit 0.9 released

phil hunt philh at
Fri Nov 30 15:37:25 CET 2001

On Fri, 30 Nov 2001 02:13:33 -0500, Bryan <bryan at> wrote:
>This is a release notification for the CryptKit Project:
>CryptKit is a developer's toolkit implementing several of the most modern and 
>efficient cryptographic algorithms. The kit is primarily written in ANSI C 
>for speed and subsequently wrapped with SWIG for ease of use in python. The 
>goal of this kit is twofold: 

If i included this kit in my programs, how ease would it be for a user to 
install it? Would it be more difficult than as pure Python solution?

>- Efficiency and size.
> The kit is considerate of developer constraints on size and speed of 
>applications. That is why CryptKit implements only the most efficient 
>algorithms ( AES, ECC, DH, NR ) 

What are ECC and NR?

>while maintaining small library size ( around 
>100KB compared to 2.1 MB for openSSL 0.9.6 ).

Sounds good.

>CryptKit is small and fast, mainly because it implements excellent 
>algorithms: Rijndael (AES), SHA 256 bits, Elliptic Curve PKI,

Can this be used for digigal sugnatures as well as encryption?

>like DES/RC4/RC2 or MD5/SHA ), CryptKit takes the minimalist approach of 
>implementing only one version of each crypto primitve. Great care went into 
>selecting the best of what was available.

Sounds reasonable. But what about including others, for backward 
compatibility e.g. with OpenPGP?

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