Is Stackless Python DEAD?

Martin von Loewis loewis at
Tue Nov 6 09:37:57 CET 2001

"Frederic Giacometti" <frederic.giacometti at> writes:

> Yes, but the word 'intrusive' normally refers to a negative
> connotation; and the expression 'too intrusive' means what it
> means...

I see. Looking up "intrusive" in Webster's, I find that this is not
what I meant:

in-tru-sive \in-'tr:u-siv, -ziv\ adj (15c)
     1  a : characterized by intrusion

in-tru-sion \in-'tr:u-zhen\ n
     [ME, fr. MF, fr. ML intrusion-, intrusio, fr. L intrusus, pp. of
      intrudere] (15c)
     1 : the act of intruding or the state of being intruded; esp: the
	 act of wrongfully entering upon, seizing, or taking
	 possession of the property of another

It is not the act of wrongfully taking possession of the property of
another that has prevented stackless from being integrated. It is the
way in which the property is turned upside down that is bothersome
(now I ask myself whether bothersome will be misunderstood as well :-(


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