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Fri Nov 30 17:32:22 CET 2001

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> This isn't directed at Marcin, but I don't understand why people keep
> going on about this, because it's not accomplishing anything.
>  * Most tab-indent users won't become space users
>  * Most space-indent users won't magically change into tab users
>  * The above quoted para won't convince anyone who uses 4-char tabs
>    to switch over, especially since 8-char tabs is only demonstrably the
>    "standard" when you're dealing with the Python interpreter. 
> Nobody has presented a convincing argument for tabs-only, spaces-only,
> or 8-char tabs only, because there isn't one. Everyone's smart enough to
> recognise a vi/Emacs holy war when they see one; why is the tab/space
> war any different?

I'm sure you're right, and if I'm fanning an unwanted fire, I'll stop.

However, until you ask me to stop (or we get bored), I want to continue to 

    	Hard tabs in source files serve no useful purpose and cause trouble.  
Please don't use them!

This is a self evident +holy truth+ :^)

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