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>From the Humor Files 
Inspired by actual anecdotes from Professionals

Dear Shirley B Nice:
We dismissed an individual for misuse of our agency credit card - he was captured on a grocery security video using the card to buy his personal groceries. He was prosecuted and convicted. A few months later, he came to our offices, confronted his former department head, and said he'd like to work for us again. She candidly told him that she was not interested in employing him, but that he was free to apply for jobs in other departments. He said he would - he'd be interested in working in maintenance, a job that would give him "more independence" . . . should we rehire him?
- Recruiter 
Dear Recruiter, 
Its natural to want to give him a second chance but you know my motto: "The proof is in the pudding" and this one has proven to be a bad egg. Never burn your bridges, end this relationship on a positive note and send him off with a handshake and foodstamps.
- Shirley


 Shirley is the resident HR.com HR Manager. Shirley is ever so accommodating and tries to please everyone in the company. She sources faster than a speeding bullet, processes payroll with the accuracy of dart. Nothing phases Shirley she has seen it all in her career in HR. Shirley is happily married with 2 kids , 4 grandchildren and a pet dog named Rover.  

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