Compiling python error

Martin von Loewis loewis at
Wed Oct 31 11:51:48 CET 2001

j.c.mcnulty at (James) writes:

> bash-2.03# ./configure
> loading cache ./config.cache
> checking MACHDEP... sunos5
> checking for --without-gcc... no
> checking for --with-cxx=<compiler>... no
> checking for c++... c++
> checking whether the C++ compiler (c++  ) works... yes
> checking whether the C++ compiler (c++  ) is a cross-compiler... yes

Is that a proper analysis? Is "c++" indeed a cross compiler? If not,
you should investigate why configure thinks it is a cross compiler,
by inspecting config.log.

If yes: did you intend to build python using cross-compilation for a
different system? If yes: you are pretty much on your own. Cross
compilation is not really tested; although patches might be accepted.

If no: Is your C compiler also a cross compiler? If yes: Since you are
not cross-compiling, and since you don't have a native compiler, you
are out of luck; get a native compiler. If no: Try configuring


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