how do I add site-packages on Windows?

Robin Becker robin at
Fri Oct 12 01:22:05 CEST 2001

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>[Chris Gonnerman]
>> I've never understood why this is done this way.  In,
>> the sys.path setup only adds site-packages on Unixoid OS's.
>> On Windows it isn't done.
>It is (or will be, from your POV <wink>) in 2.2.
>> ...
>> Does ANYONE know why this decision was made?
>Probably, but not me, and I'm not sure it *was* "a decision".  More likely
>is that someone added it for Unix, and didn't have time to worry about a
>dozen OSes they didn't use and knew nothing about.
wouldn't it have been easier not to worry about the OS and do it for
all? I guess there may be OSes without file systems, but then the path
stuff becomes moot any how.
Robin Becker

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