Error starting omniNames....Invalid object reference error.

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Fri Oct 19 11:13:28 CEST 2001

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 JDS <jds at> wrote:

>I downloaded, unzipped it: then downloaded
> and unzipped it. Then I set the
>paths as follows:

Those aren't the latest versions. You should use omniORB 3.0.4 and
omniORBpy 1.4.

>- set PATH=c:\winnt\system32;c:\omni\bin\x86_win32;c:\python2.0\;
>- set PYTHONPATH=c:\omni\lib\python;c:\omni\lib\x86_win32;
>When I type 
>> omniNames -start
>I get the following error on an NT4.0 windows machine:
>omniORB: Configuration error: Invalid object reference supplied for
>Failed to initialise the ORB. 
>Another machine runs just fine. 

Most likely, the machine that is failing has some invalid stuff in the
omniORB related registry entries. See section 1.2 of the omniORB
manual for details of what should be in the registry.



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