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Uwe Schmitt uwe at
Fri Oct 5 11:57:50 CEST 2001

Chris Barker <chrishbarker at> wrote:
| Uwe Schmitt wrote:

|> in the wxWindows documentation I found classes wxDC, wxPaintDC and
|> others. But these are not known if I use wxPython.
|> Is my wxPython installation to old ? I downloaded it from

| It's probably not too old, the ones you mention have been around
| forever. You may not have wxPython installed properly, or you may not be
| importing it correctly. try this:

|>>> from wxPython.wx import *
|>>> wxDC
| <class wxPython.gdi.wxDC at 0x82554ec>
|>>> wxPaintDC
| <class wxPython.gdi.wxPaintDC at 0x8255d7c>

| You get something like that, showing that thye do exist. AS for using
| them, look at the demo, and I've enclosed a little simple drawing
| program to get you started.

thanks a lot. the import statement above works. i made an error:
i looked for a file "*wxDC*" which is not on my computer.
i'll study your example, 

yours, uwe.

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