How to read a xml-file sequentially

Thomas Weholt t-weh at
Wed Oct 31 17:13:19 CET 2001

I'm looking for an alternative to Pyxie, cuz. that's what I'm using now.
It's easy to use etc. but it's an extra module for users of my software to
download. My goal is to use as much of python standard-base as possible.

Thanks for the tip anyway.

Best regards,
Thomas Weholt

"Bill Tate" <tatebll at> wrote in message
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> "Thomas Weholt" <thomas at> wrote in message
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> > Hi,
> >
> > I need to read a xml-file sequentially, piece by piece, when a given
> > to a given start-tag is found, the xml-data inbetween the start and end
> > sent to a different method for processing, then the next piece of data
> > read, sort of like old-school record-based files.
> >
> > Only the needed data is kept in memory.
> >
> > How can this be done using preferrably expat or sax? No DOM cuz the
> > are huge.
> >
> > Thomas
> Thomas -
> Suggest you may also want to look at site.  One of the tools
> developed by Sean McGrath is a hybrid option.  The pyxie library
> includes the capability of using event processing up to a particular
> point (a specific start tag for example) and then switch over to
> tree-like processing.  Sounds like it might be relevant for your
> problem.  While Pyxie doesn't seem to have a lot of activity going on
> with it right now, it does have a number of useful tools that work
> well with the gymnastics of xml processing.

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