python development practices?

Richard Jones richard at
Wed Oct 31 06:11:14 CET 2001

On Wednesday 31 October 2001 15:42, pzw1 at wrote:
> On Wed, 31 Oct 2001, Richard Jones wrote:
> > Programmers must be disciplined anyway, again IMO. This idea that
> > programmers can just write whatever they damn well like, with little
> > regard for what other people are diong (an idea propogated mostly by the
> > "write it any damn way you like" ideology of Perl) is extremely
> > detrimental to a working team.
> oh, absolutely.  disciplined progammers are a must in any circumstance if
> one is to even develop usable code.  but no one's perfect, and python is so
> incredibly useful and powerful and elegant in so many cases that it's
> doubly grating on my sensibilities that the language isn't more of an ally
> in catching honest mistakes...

Oh, I just remembered, there are python lint programs. Google search for 
"python lint checker" returns:

Haven't used any of them yet - been meaning to have a look for quote a while.


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