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Tue Oct 30 01:20:52 CET 2001

A.J. Rossini (rossini at wrote:
: >>>>> "JD" == Jeffrey Dunnett <jdunnett at> writes:

:     JD> Aye I will watch dose typos :) Jeff

: Too bad you aren't designing Phase I vaccine trials; dose typos are a
: killer, there... :-).

: best,
: -tony

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That typo was on purpose.  However I think we are starting to kill each 
other with the type O  puns.

Also to the person who asked if the course I am taking involving Python 
was taught by Prof. Stefan Kremer why do you ask?  Do you know him?  I 
did have him for my first year C Programming course.


BTW - This newsgroup is slighly friendly to people then comp.lang.c


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