Trouble installing PmwContribD - no "PmwContribD.pth"

Gordon McMillan gmcm at
Fri Sep 14 00:54:59 CEST 2001

Russell Whitaker wrote:

> I'm needing the functionality documented in Doug Hellmann's
> PmwContribD class  In the docs (from
> what I assume to be the canonical distributions at:
> "") is mentioned
> a file "PmwContribD.pth" (also mentioned only here in a search:
> "
>") which is not included in either the .gz
> or .zip archive on SourceForge (v r1_16).

A .pth file is a text file with one directory per line.
Those directories will be added to your sys.path.
The .pth file is typically (on Windows) put in your Python directory.
So if you install a package as follows:

         other stuff...
         yet more stuff...

then a .pth file that says:
will make both the spam and andeggs packages available.

Typically, *nix doesn't use .pth files, but would put the
spam and andeggs packages into site-packages.

> I notice also that there's no in the extracted
> distro, either.

Some zip tools don't like 0 length files. Just create one.
- Gordon

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