Best IDE for Rapid GUI dev

Alan James Salmoni salmonia.nospam.please at
Thu Aug 15 09:06:39 EDT 2002

Depends what you want to do really Matt.

Personally (takes a deep breath) I use Emacs. There is syntax 
highlighting, and to run a script just press <ctrl>-c twice. If there is 
a bug in a wxPython program, you can close the program down, and the 
error ouput is shown in a new window. I used it for my own wxPython 
project ( and was surprised how good it was.

There is also a special Vim script to do the same thing with Vim, but 
it's hidden on the web. Vim is probably my favourite editor, but I can't 
get to the error output as easily as Emacs (but then I could be doing 
something wrong).

If you prefer a visual RAD type thingie, then as previous posters 
suggested, try Boa Constructor, Pythoncard, both are free. If you can 
bare giving up wxPython (the thought makes me shudder!), there is also 
BlackAdder by the Kompany which is a visual IDE. There are a few others, 
but they can be found by Googling or going to the Python website.

Or of course, you can write in IDLE, and open up a console window to run 
the program ;) That way you get all the control you need, but lots of 
people hate this!

Best of luck!


Matthew Baulch wrote:
> I have routinely used the Tkinter module for construction of all my GUI's
> until recently where I discovered the AWESOME wxPython package
> (
> Anyway, IDLE, the Tkinter based IDE which i have found to be fast, stable
> and friendly over the years has run into a bit of a wall in relation to the
> use of wxPython. However, if I make a coding error which results my wxPython
> app stopping to respond and die, IDLE dies with it.
> Obviously this is a major inconvenience as i have to kill IDLE each time
> this occurs (quite frequently). Its probably fair to blame my python coding
> skills :( but the only way they will improve is with the help of an IDE
> better suited to wxPython. Any ideas? Thanks.
>     --matt

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