How your company think about python?

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> Would you tell me how your company (or your boss, colleagues) think
> about python?

Our core business is embedded C middleware, so Python doesn't touch that
directly; rather, we see and use Python as a better scripting and
tool-building language.

We have in the past built platform-specific scripts in either Windows batch
files or Unix shell scripts; and cross-platform tools as C apps. Python has
proved immensely better at both: everyone who's used it has come away
evangelical about it.

> Also, If your company wants to create a new software, will you
> recommand them to use python even if your boss/colleagues don't know
> about it? How you tell them the benefits from python? Why or why not?

Yes: I'd recommend that Python be considered first for all support scripts
and tools. The selling points would be:

* easy to learn
* highly maintainable
* rapid implementation
* rich "batteries included" module library
* high-quality additional modules available (PyXML, Numeric etc)
* cross-platform

but largely Python sells itself as developers and project managers see it at

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