Best IDE for Rapid GUI dev

Robert Amesz sheershion at
Thu Aug 15 18:22:27 EDT 2002

Matthew Baulch wrote:

> Its probably fair to blame my python coding skills :( but the only
> way they will improve is with the help of an IDE better suited to
> wxPython. Any ideas? 

SciTE. It's a relatively simple editor and a tiny download by today's 
standards, but it does have syntax highlighting for Python (and about 
25 other languages), and code completion. Furthermore, the indentation 
guides are very helpful for Python.

It works really well with wxPython, running a script from the editor is 
as easy as hitting F5, and all console output is captured in a separate 
window. After encountering an error, a double click on the error 
message will move you to the offending spot in the source code.

(Aside: you might be interested to know the wxStyledTextCtrl uses the 
exact same editing component as SciTE.)

For beginners, the only downside is that configuration is done by 
editing a configuration file: there are no configuration dialogs. Then 
again, it's pretty straightforward stuff.

What else do you need? Oh, the URL, of course:

Robert Amesz

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