Best IDE for Rapid GUI dev

Jeff Sasmor jeff at
Thu Aug 15 08:53:30 EDT 2002

Spend a little money (as little as $35) and get Wing IDE

Works flawlessly with wxPython; I have been using it
that way for more than one year.  As a matter of fact,
it's SO well behaved I can do this:

install wxPython and wxWindows from source
set up MS Visual C++ correctly
set up a breakpoint in a C++ method in wxPython C++ wrappers
    or in wxWindows C++ code
Set up a breakpoint in my Python app under Wing IDE
run my Python app in Wing
reach the breakpoint in my Python code
trace into the C++ code from there, with the breakpoint in C++
    handled in VC++

I don't know how much more one could ask when trying to
debug wrapped C++ such as wxPython.

The money spent is WELL worth it.
Just my 1 cent (deflation?)
Jeff Sasmor
jeff at
"Matthew Baulch" <matt at> wrote in message
news:ajg26h$ha2$1 at
> I have routinely used the Tkinter module for construction of all my GUI's
> until recently where I discovered the AWESOME wxPython package
> (
> Anyway, IDLE, the Tkinter based IDE which i have found to be fast, stable
> and friendly over the years has run into a bit of a wall in relation to
> use of wxPython. However, if I make a coding error which results my
> app stopping to respond and die, IDLE dies with it.
> Obviously this is a major inconvenience as i have to kill IDLE each time
> this occurs (quite frequently). Its probably fair to blame my python
> skills :( but the only way they will improve is with the help of an IDE
> better suited to wxPython. Any ideas? Thanks.
>     --matt

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