McMillan Installer and win32file

Gordon McMillan gmcm at
Thu Aug 15 15:30:47 CEST 2002

Jean-Sébastien Philippe wrote:

> I have developped a small application with Activestate Python 2.2.1 on
> a Windows XP machine - and I have built a distribution package with
> McMillan Installer (version 5b3.1). The package does not work on
> Windows NT4 or Windows 2000 (but works perfectly on Windows XP boxes).
> I get the following output:


> ImportError: DLL load failed: unable to find the procedure
> with a message box: unable to find the entry point for the procedure
> 'RtlRegisterSecureMemoryCacheCallBack' in the dynamic link library
> ntdll.dll.

Look at the dlls that were gathered (in the build directory, or for
a --onefile use PyArchiveViewer on the exe). My educated guess is that
you're picking up an MS dll that should be excluded. You're picking up
the XP version, which relies on the XP version of ntdll.dll. Exclude it,
and a Win2K box will load the Win2K version and all will be well.

Excludes of this nature are hardcoded in Please let me
know what it is, and I'll get it into the next release.

The Installer mailling list (low volume) is here:

-- Gordon

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