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Jussi Jumppanen jussij at
Mon Aug 5 12:35:01 CEST 2002

Totte Karlsson wrote:

> I want to embedd python in a windows application and wonder if there
> are any documentation anywhere on how to do that? 

Last time I looked there was lots of information about this topic on 
the Python web page. A good place to start is here:

and search for embed

> At this prompt I want to be able to acess my windows objects and 
> manipulate them by python-scripts. It could be very powerful I think.
> Perhaps the easiest way is to start with accessing my application from an
> external python shell. However, I'm not sure where to start.
> Anyone here having experience with python and ActiveX and COM? I'm a
> beginner:)

Using the links to the documentation mentioned above I was able to add 
Python scripting to the Zeus programmers editor. The outcome of this 
coding effort meant that it is now possible to control the Zeus editor 
using Python scripts. 

I found the documentation on how to do this very helpful and in general 
it was well written. Also Python seems to be designed to make this task 
of embedding as painless as possible.

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