Could Python supplant Java?

Matthew Gardiner matgarnz at
Sat Aug 24 16:57:59 CEST 2002

Nick Ruisi wrote:

> .net compiled code can run on linux with the mono CLR
> ( One can use the mono tool kit to write /
> compile .Net code on a linux box, without ever touching a microsoft
> product.  The compiler and SDK for C# and VB.Net is a free (albeit
> large) download. Although I don't like VB.Net as a language, C# is fine.
> It's just like java.

However, you open yourself to a whole saga of issues that go with it, such 
as patents that Microsoft may add onto key pieces of technology.

Personally, Python would be a good desktop replacement for Java, having run 
Python programs, both graphical and commandline, they are pretty responsive 
and reliable.

Matthew Gardiner

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