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Fri Aug 2 05:33:45 CEST 2002

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Clemens Hermann <haribeau at> wrote:
>is there any template available for an email auto-responder? I need it
>at the client-side so the envelope has gone yet before the mail
>reaches the auto-responder script (--> response to header-FROM).
>I am not necessarily looking for an out-of-the-box ready to run
>solution but as my efforts spread quite a bunch of bugs over time I
>would appreciate to be able to look at a working example.
Help us understand.  I generally think of autoresponder
technology in terms of the mail transfer agent and mail
delivery agent involved--sendmail and procmail, for
example--while you seem to be focused on Python for
expressing the programmability of your contemplated auto-
responder.  Or are you saying you have an existing mail
user agent (POP3-based, perhaps?)--a client--that you 
like, and you want to beef it up with Python to create
an autoresponder?

If Unix is hosting your mail service, it's quite likely
that the MDA will be the easiest point for you to insert
autoresponse capabilities.  What MDA do you use now?

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