Could Python supplant Java?

Tim Tyler tim at
Thu Aug 22 13:17:58 CEST 2002

In Donal K. Fellows <donal.k.fellows at> wrote:
: Tim Tyler wrote:

:> Compilation time?
:> If you're a developer - and this is a problem - you buy a faster computer.

: Doesn't quite work like that.  You put in a request for a better machine, but
: your boss (or maybe even his boss or his boss's boss) decides that the money
: would be far better spent on them being able to run the latest Word macro
: virus even faster on their brand-new laptop...

Ah - mismanaged companies.

OK - if your management thinks they can afford to hire a programmer -
but they don't think they can afford a half-decent machine for him - 
by all means stick to programming the supplied box in Forth ;-)
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