Could Python supplant Java?

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Thu Aug 22 00:46:08 CEST 2002

In, I heard GreyCloud say:
>"T. Max Devlin" wrote:
>> In, I heard GreyCloud say:
>> >"T. Max Devlin" wrote:
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>> >> In, I heard asj say:
>> >> >ROTFLOL.
>> >> >You have GOT to do better than that <g>
>> >> >
>> >> >java on the desktop was never that much of a priority for sun beyond the
>> >> >initial hype (unfortunately)...they're a server hardware company, and
>> >> >it's on that end that java is flourishing.
>> >> >
>> >> >today, java is also swamping the small device arena, its original target
>> >> >environment.
>> >> >
>> >> >lurker's guide to j2me:
>> >> >
>> >> >
>> >> >
>> >> >microsoft monopoly? i suggest posting to comp.os.linux.advocacy.
>> >>
>> >> Don't bother.  They have a serious denial-of-reality problem when it comes to
>> >> the Microsoft monopoly.  As far as they are concerned, there is no 'monopoly',
>> >> it's just that everybody is stupid.
>> >
>> >That's the problem going on over there now.  A lot of them
>> >are now denying the monopoly.  A never ending comedy with
>> >sewer_clown leading the pack.
>> I was referring to the Linux advocates, not the wintrolls. ;-/
>I still see the same problems.

And you always will, old friend.

>Yes I know, the advocates of
>linux don't understand.  I'm still grappling with the
>monopoly arguments.  I'm not good at the legal stuff so I
>just watch.

It is what is called a dialectic.  Two sides of the same coin, arguing over
how to identify the edge.

Just for kicks, here's my take on the 'monopoly arguments': nobody is stupid,
but everyone is clueless.  And they have a right to be; a market is made up of
clueless consumers and clueless producers, both hoping to find what they want.
The problem with Microsoft's domination is not clueless consumers; if it were,
the consumers wouldn't have such well-formed (even if ludicrous) ideas about
What Microsoft Is Doing Wrong.  And it can't be clueless producers, since
Microsoft knows very well that it is protecting monopoly power; the ability to
make things incompatible throughout the PC industry with anyone who doesn't
support their monopoly power.

There is no reason to 'grapple' with any 'monopoly arguments'; those that
defend it are ignorant (which is bad), those that support it are clueless
(which is their right), and those that don't believe in it are naive (which is
stupid).  Those that oppose it are as clueless as those who support it,  and
they are equally within their rights.  But slightly more stupid; it is
fiscally detrimental to oppose or attempt to compete with a monopoly, and that
is why monopolies (or, rather, monopolizing) is illegal.

You are a smart man, so you just watch.  We are waiting, whether we know it or
not, for the government to prove Adam Smith wrong, in a way.

Does anyone know which way that is?

T. Max Devlin
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          to state your case moderately and
             accurately.   - Benjamin Franklin ***

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