Lisp to Python translation criticism?

mark mceahern marknews at
Mon Aug 19 14:52:30 CEST 2002

"John E. Barham" <jbarham at> wrote in message news:<Vdh79.156660$Ag2.8265210 at>...
> Don't know how many saw the story on Slashdot about Paul Graham's article
> ( on how he filters spam.  He posted two
> snippets of code in Lisp, a language which I only have a very passing
> knowledge of.  Here's my attempt at translating it into Python:

This is somewhat orthogonal to the approach Graham suggests--and I
haven't quite yet finished his article, so forgive me if he addresses
this--but I wonder:  Why bother filtering the content (it seems like
so much work and worry) when you can setup TMDA?

Thanks for any comments or reactions,

// mark

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