Standard idiom for testing individual functions?

Jeremy Fincher tweedgeezer at
Thu Aug 8 06:43:16 CEST 2002

"Matt Gerrans" <matt_gerrans at> wrote in message news:<ais1q6$st8$1 at>...

> No offence, but it would probably be easier and quicker to try this out
> (simply by changing foo() to return something) than post the question and
> wait for an answer...

Of course, that's what I'd do under normal internet conditions :) 
Right now, however, my own personal box (and thus, my development box)
isn't able to connect to the internet, and is a bit of a drive away
from here, where I do connect to the internet from.

I'm having a modem mailed to me, but until it arrives, testing little
code fragments like that does actually take more time than posting the
question.  Sorry, though; I completely understand your frustration
(and would probably feel the same way myself in those circumstances).


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