screen scraping with Python?

Michael Hudson mwh at
Mon Aug 5 12:04:15 CEST 2002

noah at (Noah) writes:

> Does anyone know of a Python terminal emulator? 
> I need VT100, ANSI, VT220, or something like that.


> I want to use it for screen scraping purposes. Basically I want to
> take a stream of text that includes vt-100 codes and send it to some
> objects that will interprets the codes and map text to a buffer.
> The buffer will be an array model of a screen.  Then my application
> will get characters from the buffer using X,Y coordinates.  This is
> to create a non-interactive application that will run as a service
> or from cron, so it will not have a controlling terminal.
> Has anyone done anything like this? Is there some  
> terminal emulation module for Python? 

If you're preapred to dig into someone else's fairly hairy code, my
pyrepl package contains what I think is quite a nice infrastructure
for recognising escape codes.

Look in,

In pyrepl I use to recognise keystrokes, but I think it would work to
pick out VT100 codes too.

> I'm about ready to write my own...

I'd be interested if you came up with anything!  (I was one of the
people talking to Holger at EuroPython).


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