Mark Hammond mhammond at
Sat Aug 31 01:16:49 CEST 2002

Steven wrote:
> "Mark Hammond" <mhammond at>
>>This generally means that a dependent DLL is missing.  Try the following
>>C:>dumpbin /imports wincerapi.pyd | grep -i dll
>>This is a simple way to show all the DLLs we depend on.  It is not
>>recursive but that is unlikely to matter here (a free tool called
>>"depends" is better if you need these extra features).
>>Hopefully you will find a DLL named that does not exist on your system.
> thanks again Mark,
> that did the trick.
> Turns out it was looking for PyWinTypes23.dll, which didn't exist on the
> system.
> Making a copy of PyWintypes22.dll and renaming it to PyWintypes23.dll (while
> being a bit of a kludge) seems to do the trick, the cerapi test module works
> without a hitch.

OK - what you probably need to do is to pull the "pywintypes.dsp" MSVC 
project file from CVS using the "Python22" CVS tag.  This should force 
all win32 extensions you build to use the Python22 DLL.  Similarly, you 
do the same for win32com.dsp to build the COM extensions against Python 2.2.

But hey, if it works.... ;)


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