What does Python fix?

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>The biggest problem with Google is that if a post is more than a couple
>of dozen lines long, you have to follow a line to see the whole article
>- and the resulting page doesn't let you see the rest of the thread, so
>you have to go "Back" to continue.  There ought to be an option to see
>the full article text by default,
><wrenches the topic lever toward center with all his strength;
>ponderous machinery grinds in agony; mysterious crashing sounds in the
>but since their news-presentation code is doubtless written in some
>P-language other than Python, it's probably insanely difficult to
>implement such a thing :-)
><coughs amidst thick dust cloud; wipes hands on shirt, surveys

Actually, Google does use Python extensively, though I believe that
little of their performance-critical code is (which this display code
would be).
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