IDE for developing cross-platform GUI Windows/Linux/Mac apps

Bruce Dawson comments at
Fri Jan 25 06:19:51 CET 2002

I can't offer suggestions for cross platform GUI development, but a
*sort of* cross platform IDE is the HapDebugger, since it supports
remote debugging - you'd just have to port the lightweight client to
Macintosh and Linux, which should be easy enough.

It avoids the IDLE\PythonWin problems of locking up when you code
an infinite loop, and it works nicely with applications that have their own
message pumps - which is handy if you're trying to create a GUI app.

The open source HapDebugger is available at:

sameer wrote:

> Gustavo Niemeyer <niemeyer at> wrote in message news:<mailman.1011727052.11998.python-list at>...
> > > Well, but since there's no wxPython binding for Macs, it doesn't fit my
> > > requirements, correct?
> >
> > If you're smart enough to be arrogant... you're probably smart enough to
> > port it to MacOS as well.
> I used Boa 0.3.x on win2k...very unstable, crashed quite often.  I
> haven't tried qt yet simply because on windows there is only a 30 day
> free trial version, the nonrestricted copy costs too much for me to
> afford at this time.  as far as cross platform IDEs go, IDLE is a good
> bet.  be forewarned, IDLE will freeze up if your code goes into an
> infinite loop.  IDLE will also freeze up quite often when building
> gui's with wxPython, I know, because I have had first hand experience.
>  Move your wxPython window over IDLE's working area, and poof, IDLE
> crashes.  It's not really an IDE, but may I suggest vim.  It provides
> syntax highlighting for Python, and it's a good, no nonsense editor.

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