What about Atari Portfolio?

kacper hash at removethis.tlen.pl
Tue Jan 15 22:31:31 EST 2002


I just digged out this beauty and I thought it could be possible to compile
python here - it's basically a PC/XT system with 128k mem as standard. I've
checked the python 1.2 binary for DOS - it's 300KB. I've checked the

>>> sys.builtin_module_names
['__builtin__', '__main__', 'array', 'dos', 'imageop', 'imp', 'marshal',
 'parser', 'pc', 'regex', 'rotor', 'strop', 'struct', 'sys', 'time']

I believe some things could be left out (imageop, regex, rotor...), but is
it possible to reach 128KB ? The memory usage and storage requirements are
the same, as Portfolio software comes on 128K PROMs.

Mike W.

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